catherineFinale! Sean’s sweet family shows up to help him with his decision, including his niece and nephew! Adorbs.

Katherine: I like her style. I appreciate that she seems super low maintenance – very little makeup, and simple dresses and heels. I just can’t get over how much she talks about “he’s taught me so much about myself” and “he makes me feel good about myself” and “me me me.” She barely talked about the great stuff about Sean. And it’s also a little weird that she keeps saying “I was so skeptical about this process” and it’s kinda like…why would you even come on a show that you were skeptical about?

Lindsey – baby voice. Ew. Is Sean ready to listen to that for the rest of his life? I’m having a hard time with with these first minutes.

I liked Sean’s dad. You can tell this is how Sean learned to be such a gentleman and be so sweet and have the right words that make women cry. It’s a good preview of how Sean might be. Lindsey has the advantage in the innocence department…she pulled the faith and values card with mom, which is a good move.

Mom brought the heat to Sean. And Sean points out, “you’ve seen 20 minutes.” Thinking about how I’ve dated, I can’t imagine what sort of impression I would make on a family in 20 minutes. If I were bringing men around to meet my family to get their opinion, we’d need to do it my family style. We’d start with happy hour in the backyard, maybe play some badminton, make him play with the little boys, then eat too much at dinner, make a dessert like a layered cake that slides right off the top, play Bananagrams or Scrabble, and then get our second wind and go out to karaoke. THAT would see how well he fit in. None of these sober lunch dates while we’re all sweating bullets and swatting bugs.

who would have thought...
who would have thought…

Lindsey has a good sense of humor I think…and she’s come so far from the girl getting out of the limo in a wedding dress. But the baby voice drives me bananas, she wears a lot of makeup, and just seems really immature. I think she *wants* to settle down and be married and start breeding with Sean. But I think she would be happy doing that with anyone.

Catherine freaks out over a “majestic” elephant, which is pretty cute. Lindsey has baby voice, and I’m gonna say Catherine has “bored Asian voice.” I’ve met many a Crazian with the graty/surfer tone that says both “I’m so excited” and “I’m about to throw up” in the exact same tone.

Like any hot-blooded female, I can’t help but enjoy Sean’s gratuitous shirtless scenes as he monologues into the distance about the future. Watching him get emotional about his “future wife” endears him to me even more…I’ve just been rooting for this guy.

So the final ceremony….we’re all waiting to see who gets out of the limo first, since usually she’s the one who gets the goodbye. And it’s Lindsey! As did the “live” studio audience, I loved it when she got pissed, took off her shoes, hiked up her dress, and hiked out of there. But on these shows, I have a hard time with girls at the ripe age of 24 whining about how they just want to settle down and love someone. I have changed so much in between 24 and 28; I’ve learned so much about myself, what is important to me and in a relationship, my communication has improved, etc. I thought I would be married at 23, but I’m so glad I was not!! I’m happy to be 28 and in an awesome relationship, but confident my life won’t be over if something should cause us to break up.

proposalThe proposal scene was pretty cute…we all teared up, even the second time we watched it at the ATFR live special. She just seemed shocked and excited all at once. And then they rode off into the sunset on a majestic elephant…just as every little girl dreams…right? :)

I’m happy with this season. Des as the choice for the next Bachelorette seems predictable. I didn’t like her very much at the end of her run, but maybe I’ll warm up to her. For now, it’s time to say our goodbyes to Sean and wish he and Catherine the best of luck.