This was from Bens season, but still some great ideas! You can bet the champagne will be flowing and the Bingo will be going tomorrow night at my house!

Sunglasses Always Fit

Trashy reality TV is best when watched with friends. Misery loves company. Misery and reality tv go hand in hand, because the human condition of the contestants appears to be quite miserable. Thousands of years from now, our ancestors will look upon us and laugh at the “Real Housewives” (oh, SO real) and “Jersey Shore” and other nonsense we distracted ourselves with. They will mock our lowbrow tastes and celebrity obsessions. Or maybe television will have degenerated further still and the top show will be “Poop Diaries.”

This season of “The Bachelor” is already proving to be “one of the most _______________ EVER,” as Chris Harrison constantly reminds us. I’ll be doing my weekly recap on this blog. Read last week’s here. If you need to catch up on all the official hoopla, check out ABC’s site here.

Theme parties have experienced quite the resurgence among our generation, and…

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