Pure eye candy. My roommate and I had a fanTASTIC evening determining the men worthy of being on this list, and then googling for images of them!!! In honor of my awesome singleness and for my single and fabulous girlfriends, I have compiled a list of 10 actors of today that make us swoon.

Now, dear male readers, don’t think that this is a blog you should just tune out of. Revealed within this list, besides my wide range of taste for men, is a clue into the psyche of the somewhat average American female. Or, at the very least, motivation for your next trip to the gym.

10. Channing TatumStreet Hottie.  say what you want about his colorful stripper past, slightly cross-eyed gaze, and horrible fake crying, the man can dance (see Step Up) and that really works on white girls who wish they were a bit more ghetto. Also does well as a soldier (Dear John) where he melted my heart with his attentions towards his dad.

9. Robert PattinsonUndead Hottie Award. It took me a long time to remember your real name, as I and my junior high girl students spend a lot of time breathlessly discussing the many merits of “Edward.” I would totes let him turn me into a vampire. Imagine all the places I could travel and the languages I could learn! Okay, I just totally made Twilight nerdy. Also, he can sing, play guitar, has a British accent, and is brood-y. Love it.

8. Zac EfronMinor Hottie. I held out on this one for a long time. High School Musical??!? There was no way I was going to see something so Disney and packaged with super catchy songs.

I don’t know what I was thinking, because Disney and packaged and super catchy is like exactly me. I finally gave in and watched it with my roommate, and after five minutes, I had to imbd how old he was to make sure it was legal to have a crush on him.  SOOOOO cute. And, as previously mentioned, (men take note) being able to sing and dance goes a loooong way. Long way.

7. Paul Walker – Those piercing baby blues…the eternal tan…the super goober way he talks…this man IS California surfer dude.

I just watched “Into the Blue” and wow. I would be a pirate with this kid any day.

6. Garrett HeadlandCountry Strong . This guy gets the Newcomer Hottie Award!! The drawl, the singing, the tight tight jeans!! His passion for the lost soul. I hope to see much more of his face lighting up with every smile…

5. Alex SkaarsgardScadinavian Hottie Award. Here’s another vampire I’d stay up late to hang out with. Plus, he has a fantastic sense of humor.

4. Puck gLeek hottie award! Again, a man with a guitar, serenading me every Tuesday night. Fantastic. Also good with the one-liners (“Are you questioning my badassness?”) and single-handedly brought back the mohawk.

3. bradley cooperFunny Hottie Award. Nights out and mornings after will always be funnier since the release of the hangover, and Bradley gave us many of those laughs (“lets get out of here before another one of these nerds asks me a question.”) I’d also like to thank him for the dirty, grungy, unbuttoned shirt with aviators look. I’ve loved him since his early geek days on “Alias.” Glad to see he’s climbing to the top of Hot Mountain.

2. Ryan GoslingRomantic Hottie. See The Notebook.

Melt into puddle of goo. wash, rinse, repeat.

Sorry it didn’t work out with Rachel McAdams…perhaps with Rachel Danger? :)

And finally, my NUMBER ONE HOTTIE

1. Brian Wilson – Not an actor, you say? I beg to differ! As the closer for the Giants, this man has to BRING THE HEAT every game, he must silence the crowd, his performance brings them to their feet. Also, his “improv” I will call it on  Rome and George Lopez were of the finest caliber of his craft. And I love him. So. There.