Favorite moment of the day – driving home one of my players, and she blasted “Party in the USA” as we drove through traffic down Treat Blvd., screaming and waving out the window at everyone we saw. Specifically yelling “PEACE! OMG PEACE! Jesus loves you! This lady is my mother!”

Second favorite moment of the day – This morning I got some really bad news, and was in quite a funk. My eighth grade class came in, and one of favorites wrote this on the board:

This week I am going to…

  • coach a vball game on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Practice wednesday. bringing them cupcakes tomorrow.
  • watch the Bachelor, and remind myself that at least I’m not desperate enough to go on tv to find love.
  • Go on walks to the park and watch the dogs at the dog park
  • start my grades and comments
  • go try a fun bar in the City on Friday

The songs I’ve listened to most recently, according to my ipod:

  • born this way – lady gaga.                          just put your paws up
  • hear our prayer – npw band
  • like a star – corrine bailey rae
  • no letting go – wayne wonder
  • strawberry swing – coldplay
  • lover, lover – jerrod neiman

Newstory that creeped me out today:


This weekend I…

  • read a book
  • took a nap
  • sang songs at church
  • did not watch the oscars
  • ate frosting from the can
  • had a girls night in
  • went on a walk to the park and it got dark and i got scared.

Today I ate

  • coffee and half and half. half and half ran out, so i stole some of my roommate’s milk, poured it in the coffeemate thing, swished it around, and hoped it picked up some traces of french vanilla.
  • turkey vegetable soup that i made last week. how long do you think soup lasts?
  • conversation hearts
  • cheese and crackers and grapes and wine
  • more conversation hearts

I am most happy about:

  • my bff traci being on vacation in Puerto Rico. i can’t think of anyone who deserves more happiness right now.
  • my bffs coming to visit me for the first time ever!! :) Can’t wait until Memorial Day weekend.
  • Less than 100 days of school left.
  • I love coaching volleyball
  • spring training starting and the Giants being back in my life
  • re-finding my favorite pair of grey sweatpants.