When I looked at the weather on my iphone a few weeks ago, there were these tiny, blurry symbols for Friday and Saturday’s weather in the Bay Area. Could that be…surely its not….snow?! Yes. Snow. My best friends live in Chicago and New York, and I have their weather on my phone, because I like to know what they look up into the skies and see, and I often see these mysterious snowflake flurries and storms and t-clouds that those of us living in the climate paradise that is the Bay Area have no real connection with. But the weatherman had said that the temperatures would drop, to protect your plants and animals, hunker down and wait for snow.

In my class on Thursday, one of my favorite students led us all in a feverish request for snow. It went something like this:

“Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for your wonderful creation of snow. Thank you for snowflakes, snow storms, skiing, snowboarding, hot chocolate, cabins in Tahoe, sledding, snow dogs, Eskimos, and igloos. I pray that you would send some of that goodness here to Walnut Creek, so that we may experience of the legendary joy that is a “snow day.” I pray that it would snow lots. Amen.”

Saturday morning, I woke up inside the cocoon I had created in my comforter, gleefully pulled up the blinds, and…!!! Nothing. Not a snowflake nor an icicle to be seen. What the heck.

When I went out last night, it was so freezing that I thought for sure the good Lord would hear and heed to such an earnest, sweet prayer for snow. I sang at church this am, so I got up at 6am, looked outside, and nothing. Now its 5pm, and so gosh-darn sunny out, it could be May out there.

So, what gives?

Being a weatherman can’t be easy. You basically tell people what they already know. We have seasons of different weather (unless you live in Santa Barbara) and we generally know what its going to be like, day by day. These poor people stand in front of a blank screen and point to cities and patterns and cartoons of things that they can’t even see. Maybe the ones in the Bay Area got jealous of everyone back East who got to predict massive snowstorms, and decided to conspire to send us into a panic over snow. And by panic, I mean delight. But now I just feel cheated. Meanwhile, the iphone weatherman updater and all the weather newscasters from the Bay are probably toasting each other in some seedy bar. “Haha, those FOOLS! It never snows here!”

I don’t know where I get these ideas.

Alright I’m going to go on a walk in the great outdoors. Sunny as a June day out there. Sigh.