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tut tut, it looks like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

I did a dangerous thing today. I took a walk in the rain. No, no I didn't melt. But I left my iPod at home. I just walked with me and my thoughts and a Giants World Series sweatshirt. To... Continue Reading →

152 – I’m goin goin, back back to college college…

Just talked to my bestie Ry in New York...she's getting excited for her hurricane to arrive. "I LOVE natural disasters coming towards me!" That is a direct quote. I helped walk her through our makeshift preparedness plan..I suggested she buy... Continue Reading →

96 – Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the day - one of my eighth grade boys said he had a birthday present for me...I was to close my eyes and stick out my hands. This is not something you normally do around 13 year... Continue Reading →

58 – The Great February 2011 Weatherman Conspiracy

When I looked at the weather on my iphone a few weeks ago, there were these tiny, blurry symbols for Friday and Saturday's weather in the Bay Area. Could that be...surely its not....snow?! Yes. Snow. My best friends live in... Continue Reading →

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