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RinR: It’s been a Week

I'm really cuddly. I'm built like a cuddly person. I'm like Olaf - I like warm hugs. And the nice thing about teaching is that around kids, your hug bucket can always be full. Even if you have to demand... Continue Reading →

TeacherDiaries: File Under “To Remember on a Rainy Day”

Wednesdays are hard, man. Even spelling the word is hard. (Am I the only person who still has to go "Wed-nes-day" in her head when writing that one out? Along with "def-in-ite-ly be-a-u-ti-ful." Every time. And I'm 30. And teach... Continue Reading →

110 – Teacher Diaries: Update and Toegate

Toegate Update - Day Eight - By Miss Weight - so much rhymage!!!!! So, my toe is all growed up from a bad bruise to a hematoma!! Which sounds like a tumor but its not a tumor. Its just a... Continue Reading →

TuesdayTop10 – Reasons I <3 Teaching Junior High Girls

10. They are so cute to watch grow up and navigate becoming little women. Some try too hard to get there too fast, and I have to explain the difference between a classy and a terrible application of eyeliner. Not... Continue Reading →

58 – The Great February 2011 Weatherman Conspiracy

When I looked at the weather on my iphone a few weeks ago, there were these tiny, blurry symbols for Friday and Saturday's weather in the Bay Area. Could that be...surely its not....snow?! Yes. Snow. My best friends live in... Continue Reading →

20 – A reason I can laugh while teaching junior high…

This week I'm in the middle of progress reports, and giving some major Latin tests, which is nice, because all the students are quiet when they take tests. But I have to come up with 146 different catch phrases to... Continue Reading →

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