This week I’m in the middle of progress reports, and giving some major Latin tests, which is nice, because all the students are quiet when they take tests. But I have to come up with 146 different catch phrases to describe each student’s progress or decline in my class at this point in the year. We’re about half-way done, which is so awesome, but bittersweet because I love, love, LOVE my eighth graders, and am already sad I will have to see them go.

When I give big assignments, I like to put random things in there to make sure the kids are reading directions. Today’s test had on the bottom of the second page “Turn and give Miss Weight a thumbs up if you’re doing okay on this tests, thumbs down if you’re worried, and put your thumbs in your armpits for warmth if you’re cold.” It was funny to see all the heads whip around and look at me like I was crazy when they got to that part, and then decide what kind of thumbage they were going to give me.

By far, my most favorite question to ask on tests and study guides are the theoretical “what would you do” or “what do you want” kind of questions, where some kids put more thought and effort into answering the question than actually translating a Latin sentence, which is worth actual points on an assignment. They will draw me pictures, give me their twenty year plan, the names of all their future children, their ideas for how they are going to meet and marry Edward from Twilight, etc.

On a recent test, I asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” The results ranged from adorable to hilarious. I compiled a list of some of my favorites:

  • a Halloween store person
  • superhero
  • one eyed one horned flying purple people eater
  • cardiothoracic surgeon
  • ballerina
  • farmer
  • man of God
  • waiter
  • Jedi
  • ninja
  • duck
  • horse donkey
  • professional football player to finally take the Raiders to the Superbowl

But by far, the best answer was this one: