Yesterday I posted a status update about deleting two “friends” because they kept hitting me with a barrage of invites to various things I don’t have the time to be interested in. Farmville, Roller Coaster land, pages that shamelessly plug the non-existent artistic career of their girlfriend I’ve never even met, etc. I’ve blocked several apps on facebook, but finally realized that these were people that I knew in Santa Barbara, in my former cool life when I worked for the super hip Independent newspaper, and they had since moved to LA, so in all likelihood, I will never see these people again.

So I went to their facebook pages, which in all honesty, I hadn’t visited since accepting their friend requests like four years ago, and I found the subtle “Unfriend” button. And I clicked it. Oh yes, I clicked it.

I expected to feel some remorse, some backlash. Maybe an angry message from one of them, but no. Nothing. I do not feel bad at all. I feel great!

Someone suggested I just block the app and keep the friend. But I already have a really long list of blocked apps, and these people keep coming up with more! I blocked birthday and gardens and little icons, and they come up with Fishville, Restaurant City, Mafia, various causes and political campaigns, coupon groups, ipad scams, etc.

the only thing I want from facebook is facebook. Not games that ask me to collect and feed and care for fake animals. I want to go outside and play with real animals. I want to ride real roller coasters. I want to eat in real restaurants. And why is there a restaurant app? I served for years, and there is nothing glamorous about working in a restaurant. Are the rats and cochroaches featured on that app? The old man customers that hit on you? The awesome Mexicans working the kitchen who make you whatever you want? The dirt wages? The coworker hook ups? Thats the real Restaurant app!

I say this: Less time on a computer playing games with people who are far away. More time sitting and talking with real you.

PS I made it! 21 days! blogging is officially a habit. hoo-rah.

Unless I unfriend you because of your taste in online entertainment. In which case, goodbye for now, I’ll see you again when I feel guilty about it and refriend you. Or will I be able to cyber-face you again with a friend request once I’ve unfriended you? Time alone will tell. More tomorrow on this topic. Adios!