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30 – Facebook5 – The Art and Science of a Status Update, part 2

I've been exploring the facets and funnies of facebook lately. check out yesterday's post that has the first part of this list of different kinds of status updaters you might find on your friend list... the lush updater - punctuated... Continue Reading →

Facebook4 – The Science and Art of a Status Update part 1

When Facebook first started, when I was like a sophomore in college or something, it was very basic. You had a profile with one picture, a few lines about yourself, where you went to school, your piles of friends, and... Continue Reading →

21/365.25 – Facebook friends…or are we? Part 1 of…?

Yesterday I posted a status update about deleting two "friends" because they kept hitting me with a barrage of invites to various things I don't have the time to be interested in. Farmville, Roller Coaster land, pages that shamelessly plug... Continue Reading →

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