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What to do if you ask a woman if she’s pregnant and she says “no.” And other times you made a mistake. And some things I wanted to say.

So, you’ve just met someone, you’re not close, and you have no reason to know if they’re pregnant or not. Or married or not. Or happy or not. Or want to be any of those things. Or what their life... Continue Reading →

r2hk: this one wild and precious life

Captain’s Log: Day 21 of no social media* and I am slowly becoming accustomed to waiting in line with no meme-induced chuckling. Somehow I am getting by without daily briefings on the end of the world from Amy Siskind. My... Continue Reading →

Tried a Little Tinderness . . .

"YAAAAAY MY FAVORITE DAY EVER - February 14th!!! I wish this day was 36 hours long!!!!" said no single girl in the history of American Valentine's Day. Which I looked up. This day was started a while ago. It sucked... Continue Reading →

21/365.25 – Facebook friends…or are we? Part 1 of…?

Yesterday I posted a status update about deleting two "friends" because they kept hitting me with a barrage of invites to various things I don't have the time to be interested in. Farmville, Roller Coaster land, pages that shamelessly plug... Continue Reading →

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