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i still havent seen the northern lights

had i known a year ago that i was boarding my last flight to a foreign land i would have eaten the terrible plane food and enjoyed the indigestion

RinR: It’s been a Week

I'm really cuddly. I'm built like a cuddly person. I'm like Olaf - I like warm hugs. And the nice thing about teaching is that around kids, your hug bucket can always be full. Even if you have to demand... Continue Reading →

RinR: The Wee Changies

People often ask me what has changed since I've moved to Brazil. There are things that I notice, things maybe others notice more than me. I'm not sure. But here are some basics: My most intense conversations are with bugs. For example:... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: The Little Things

As a teacher, many images come to mind when I think of things that may "define" me. You can probably think of them, too. Meetings, emails, grading papers, ink all over my hand, students, brown bag lunches, the copy machine,... Continue Reading →

HowGirlsWork: Things Never to Say to a Woman

I work as a junior high teacher. This morning, as I walked in, clearly hustling from the parking lot, arms full of various bags, freshly make-upped, haired, clothed in what I *thought* was a cute outfit, a mom I normally adore... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: I am the Students I Hate (284)

I finished my third year teaching junior high Friday! Yay! And because we wouldn't want the fun to stop there, I spent Saturday in a teaching seminar! Yay! (By "yay" I meant I was mostly daydreaming about margaritas and pool... Continue Reading →

Top 10 – Things I enjoy about going back to school

I teach junior high Latin and Spanish, direct a drama program, and coach girls' volleyball. My job is challenging, but its usually pretty sweet. I've been off for the summer (yeah, yeah I know) and it was mostly fantastic, but... Continue Reading →

TuesdayTop10 – Reasons I <3 Teaching Junior High Girls

10. They are so cute to watch grow up and navigate becoming little women. Some try too hard to get there too fast, and I have to explain the difference between a classy and a terrible application of eyeliner. Not... Continue Reading →

Teacher Diaries: Wait – you don’t live at school??

I remember being in junior high, at Fuddruckers after a night at youth group, and seeing two of my teachers eating dinner together. No, not just eating dinner together, on a date. She was the Home EC teacher who gave... Continue Reading →

20 – A reason I can laugh while teaching junior high…

This week I'm in the middle of progress reports, and giving some major Latin tests, which is nice, because all the students are quiet when they take tests. But I have to come up with 146 different catch phrases to... Continue Reading →

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