Favorite moment of the day – I went to a friend’s house to watch the season finale of “Bachelor,” and she is also a mom at our school. Her son and daughter were getting ready for bed, and they were in pajamas, like. legit nightdowns and flannels, and wanted to be tucked in and say prayers and everything. It was so sweet and special. I love that.

Second favorite moment of the day – Its also my least favorite. I have a seventh grade boy who I just butt heads with. I really don’t like him. I only love him with the power of Jesus. This morning he walks in like five or ten minutes late to class. I tell him he is late. So he shrugs off his backpack, as if in slow motion molasses, and asks if he really needs to go get a pass, because “well, isn’t it Daylight Savings?” So I motion around to EVERYONE ELSE in the room, who, despite the time change, managed to arrive on time, and asked  him if he really thought the world revolved around him so much that he should be exempt from time.

that kid will not survive my class much longer. I hate laziness and lame excuses.

Right now I am wearing…

  • yoga pants
  • mismatched socks, obvy
  • a blue sports bra
  • a black henley
  • glasses
  • a grey sweatshirt my sister bought me years ago for christmas, many elbow holes.


This week I am going to…

  • coach a vball game on Tuesday, Thursday. Its our last season games! I hope we do well.
  • Throw my very first bridal shower on saturday.
  • have a meltdown post shower.

The songs I’ve listened to most recently, according to my ipod:

  • *Somebody to Love – Justin Bieber……yeah, I know. I hate myself,too.
  • * Home – Edward Sharpe. Just reminds me of camping.
  • * Until you come back to me – basia. Shout out to cassette tapes and long drives in the Volvo with my mom.
  • * Free – Zac Brown Band. Being “free” has a really different meaning to me these last few years after Matthew’s death. I love this song.

This weekend I…

  • went out to the city for dinner, a show, and karaoke
  • moped
  • sang at church
  • went wine-tasting with cousins and aunties
  • watched movies
  • moped.


Today I ate

  • coffee and half and half.
  • goldfish crackers
  • chicken, noodles, and mustard. a weird, yumminess.
  • cosmos
  • salami
  • crackers
  • goat cheese.


I am most happy about:

  • I dont know. Making this blog in time.