I desperately need to get some school work done. I confused my deadline when with grades are posted, so I have two weeks to do four weeks worth of work.

Of course I’m googling pictures of mini-animals.

Due to the awesome power of the Google, even though I spell and pronounce the word “animal” as “aminal” 90% of the time, my search was not stunted. It reveals scores of gloriously small creatures. Here I reveal some of the cuteness. Procrastinate the day away with me:

cutie patootie!

10. Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman – are you kidding me? This thing is adorable. Turns out it could still kill you, but I wouldn’t mind one in a pond in my yard. I could feed it goldfish. Or let it bite my students’ toes when they misbehave.

It’s supposedly very ferocious (aw, I’m sure you are, sweetie!) and can be found snacking on fish and even birds in South American rivers. I want to name him Leo and can hear his Argentinian accent in my head, can’t you?


9. Fennec Foxes – again, are you kidding me? I can just imagine snuggling up with this guy on my couch. Those big ears, all the better to hear me with!

He looks a little mischievous, like he’s just gotten caught in the cookie jar, but turned around to say, “who, me? couldn’t be. I am too cute!” but all the while he’s still plotting to get back in the jar.

I think he needs a proper British name…something noble. Elliot? Gregory?


8. Mini-cows – this is REAL. Who hasn’t always wanted a cow, but thought their girth was an inconvenience? I think everyone has had that dream. There is a now a website, called little moos.com, where you can order a custom-sized bovine! This is a mini-bull named Frank.

Imagine the adorable mini cow patties he could leave in your garden as natural fertilizer! imagine his tiny mooing in your real-life Nativity scene! I think we all need one.


7. baby turtles – Technically, these are not mini creatures. If they can survive the walk to the water and all the things that want to eat them, they will live to be old and wise and ride the EAC all the way to Sydney if they want. But this is a finger-sized version of what will one day be that stoned surfer from “Finding Nemo,” and I LOVE him.

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be my Squishy.

…my one regret in life is that i’ll never own a dog.

6. Marcel the Shell. – Don’t try and tell me he’s not a real animal. They’ll attack when provoked.

Oh man all that sighing and cooing was exhausting! I think I’m gonna have to cut this post in half and reveal my top five cutest mini animals of all time later.

The list isn’t final, so feel free to send in your own suggestions!