I like attention (pretend to be surprised). I love making people laugh and feel loved, I’ve got a reaction to or opinion about almost anything, I make a lot of noise. So Facebook is really exciting place for me. It’s amazing that I can post big news, say, moving to Brazil, and get awesome comments and likes and support about it from people all over the dang world. It’s almost even more awesome that I can discuss the mundane pleasures of life, like the joy of finding a Milkdud when you thought the box was empty, or post a picture of macaroni and cheese and some condiments I am sampling on it, and start a debate of rooster sauce vs. ketchup (and laughs to the cheeky ones of you who recommended the background vodka).

my own wee garden that i miss.
my own wee garden that i miss.

I can see pictures of my friends in Australia planting a garden, get real time reactions to baseball games from my fellow Giants fans back home, and see what Krystal is eating for dinner in Taiwan. I love watching everyone get engaged and married and have babies (although I am completely freaking out that my former students are starting to do such a thing. Weren’t we just cleaning out your locker and agreeing that boys are totally stupid?!). I love when everyone changes their profile pic for Mother’s Day, or shows travel photos of a place I’ve never seen before.

mom sisters me
hi ma

BUT. Political stuff gets uncomfortable.

I absolutely value awareness and education, but that’s why I read news online and visit news websites. I facebook for faces.

Sometimes it’s easier to love people when I don’t know where their moral compass is about certain things. I find myself wanting to debate a particular point, but people tend to get angry REALLY quickly on the internet, tone is hard to discern, and strangers step in and monopolize a healthy discussion . . . I’ve unfollowed many people whose opinions are so extreme and reactions so violent that it makes me uncomfortable to even see them. Is that wrong? I don’t know.

I have plenty of strong opinions, but I don’t think anyone’s mind was ever changed by words on the internet. And things like that tend to really stay with me –
i like to this.
i like to this on facebook. not to fight. to this.

I will forever remember some angry rant, or snide remark made in a comment about a political candidate. And there’s enough negative vibes going on in my normal – maybe it’s selfish, but I kind of want this corner of my life to be things I can celebrate?

So I’ve decided to create a little pledge. I’m keeping my wall happy-go-lucky. And I’m making some guidelines.

Things I will post AND can’t wait to see you post. All the Yays!  :

  • im just going to sit on my beach forever.
    im just going to sit on my beach forever.

    sunrise, sunset (try to read that without singing it).

  • traveling anywhere and seeing weird/cool/different stuff.
  • aminal stuff
    aminal stuff

    animals of any kind doing any thing – specifically goats, llamas, puppies, kitties.

  • babies of any kind doing any thing. I can’t believe we’re old enough to have them. Some of you have several! I love their wee faces.
  • any educational experience or milestone
  • cool science stuff
  • cool books stuff
  • this was obviously super important.
    this was obviously a super important birthday gift.

    cool sports stuff

  • family pictures – especially ones where no one manages to look at the camera at the same time.
  • encouraging thoughts – I love watching people post verses, moments of clarity and inspiration, gratitude when they come through a tough spot in life or are in recovery of any kind.
  • tributes to cool things – be true to your school, your favorite kind of candy, the one ratty sweatshirt you refuse to throw out that we all associate you with.
  • oohh talk to me.
    oohh talk to me.

    REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS EVENTS like the return of Rainbow Chip frosting.

  • and probably some other things I’m forgetting at the moment. Anything related to food, certainly. In ALL CAPS.

It is your prerogative to post whatever you want, rave and rant about whatever issue you want to. Some people don’t read the news and maybe Facebook is the only way they learn about things. Maybe I’m just old school and long for the days without so many sad stories and angry stories, without so many ads and sponsored stories, without links to ridiculous lists about the 17 most important hedgehogs of the year (although I’d click on that). I am a person with many things I’m passionate about: baby goats, frosting, bees, banning plastic bags, making Jesus smile, education, equal pay for women, fighting racism, universal health care and universal university! But I think those kinds of things are just better discussed in person, in a conversation, preferably over frosting and wine. Watching a sunset. With puppies in our laps. And we can hug after.

me and kiz
oh yeah also probably fairy lights and mason jars.

Anyone else?