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My Facebook Pledge of Baby Goats, Food, Sunshine, etc.

I like attention (pretend to be surprised). I love making people laugh and feel loved, I've got a reaction to or opinion about almost anything, I make a lot of noise. So Facebook is really exciting place for me. It's amazing... Continue Reading →

the most important things i said all year

disclaimer: I often pretend to not know what words mean, like "portion control" or "inside voice" so these might not sound important but they are important. Jan 8 - Scientific question: Has anyone, ever, in the history of time, finished an... Continue Reading →

Breakups Should Come with a Puppy

When I first arrived back home in California after the nine-day journey across the United States and had a small furry thing shoved into my arms, I barely noticed. I was more excited about getting out of the car, being... Continue Reading →

“So, what’s it like to be home again?”

Well, it's good! It's another transition phase in a lot of ways…after spending so much time by myself, I almost feel awkward being around people all the time and having to engage. And it's never an easy thing to move... Continue Reading →

180 – Jesus and his puppy.

gotta write a blog. its monday. monday monday. good song. how many other songs have days of the week in their titles? iTunes, enter in "monday." I have six songs with "monday" in the title. interesting. lets try the rest... Continue Reading →

56/365.25 – 10 Youtubes I could watch over…and over…and over…and

Remember life before Youtube? Me neither. Here are some videos that I could watch on repeat for quite some time. They are funny. They are the kind of videos that back like two years ago when Youtube wasn't yet a... Continue Reading →

Call me Aunt Rachel! Clap clap yaaaay!!!

Thats right! My sister Jenna became a mommy this weekend. We got her an adorable puppy for her birthday. The poor thing is only two pounds but has three last names: Darcy Bennett Weight. Named after Jane Austen characters. Mostly... Continue Reading →

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