Remember life before Youtube? Me neither.

Here are some videos that I could watch on repeat for quite some time. They are funny. They are the kind of videos that back like two years ago when Youtube wasn’t yet a part of our everyday lives, when you met someone who didn’t “really know about the youtube” you would immediately start saying “oh well you HAVE to see baby eats a monkey poop” or something. As if their lives depended on it.

In no particular order….

1. yoda does tomtom. Simply fantastic. Definitely quoteable.

2. quadruplets laughing. “do it agin!”

3. doglover’s “disturbia.” This girl, God bless her, has made several awful videos. Note her lack of knowledge of the words, and “special effects.” And her aversion to swearing.

4. sitting on a toilet.

5. The Problem with Teachers. Super awesome rad spoken word.

6. Muffins!!!!

7. I’m on a Boat. Never gets old. Nautical themed pashmina afghan for my birthday por favor?!

poseeeeeiiiiiidonnnnn look at meeeee

8. Anything starring BWils. This is a quickie. hehe

9. pugs tilting heads. why is this so funny.

10. Penguins tripping penguins. Gets me every time.