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Dear Brian, Please, PLEASE don’t break my heart (300)

If you're anything like me (and God help you) you have been biting your nails over the recent talks between Brian Wilson and the SF Giants. He spent last year on the bench after recovering from his second Tommy John... Continue Reading →

When I Feel Sad, I Youtube Cat Videos. (291)

I wrote my grandma's obituary tonight. Her death is getting more real, but still just a weird thing that happened. But it's getting to the time when we talk about random memories of her. Like tonight, we were referencing Waterworld,... Continue Reading →

56/365.25 – 10 Youtubes I could watch over…and over…and over…and

Remember life before Youtube? Me neither. Here are some videos that I could watch on repeat for quite some time. They are funny. They are the kind of videos that back like two years ago when Youtube wasn't yet a... Continue Reading →

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