I wrote my grandma’s obituary tonight. Her death is getting more real, but still just a weird thing that happened. But it’s getting to the time when we talk about random memories of her. Like tonight, we were referencing Waterworld, and saying it was by Sizzler. And I suddenly remembered that Gma Susi loved Sizzler, and we used to go there on Sundays after church for lunch, and eat cheesy bread. And then we decided to look up Pinterest recipes on how to make cheesy bread.

There were some fitness Pinterests on my newsfeed, and that made me feel guilty. Buuuuuuut with another glass of wine, everything is just ironic.

School is going well. I am really excited to be done with my credential program, at least this portion, by December 7th. It’s going to be a freaking part-ay. Teaching is okay. Every year feels so different. Which is part of the charm. We’ve been in school for three weeks, and I’ve already had to put the fear of God into three boys in my classes. My morning clock is slowly adjusting…but there is really nothing natural in waking up at 630am, drinking a lot of coffee, and hanging out with pre-teens all day.

Boyfriends take up time. Or maybe I just didn’t realize how much time I had to myself, and now I want to spend it with someone else. You know what else boyfriends do? Make you chubby. Boys eat SO MUCH FOOD!! Of course, I speak as one who calls four chicken nuggets and a diet Coke a well-rounded dinner. But it’s going really well. I realize this is the first real, adult relationship with a guy who loves my three bigs: Jesus, Giants, Guitar. And being outdoors.

A Dental hygienist attends to a patient.

I went to the dentist, and I really like them. I mean, if they weren’t constantly putting shots into my mouth and drilling into my brain, I feel like we could be friends. They are so nice. My hygienist goes to my gym and is named Sophie, like my sister, and sometimes I want to go talk to her when I see her on the treadmill. I have apparently cracked open my tooth through grinding. So I have to go back. TWICE. Scawy.

I wonder what dentists are scared of?

Right now, my family is watching “Eating Giant Hippos,” but arguing towards watching “Women on Death Row.”

We’re a fun bunch.

Tonight we watched this cat video, and it led me to youtube the Pure Moods CD advertisement from when I was little. I was instantly transported into my childhood. Give a watch.