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Weekly W(h)in(e)d Up <– parentheses are always in style.

Interesting night at work...I had this table of super obnoxious middle-aged men from Canada. Their accents were so atrocious I thought they were kidding. They quite openly stared at my chest, and seemed to be staging a pissing contest over... Continue Reading →

When I Feel Sad, I Youtube Cat Videos. (291)

I wrote my grandma's obituary tonight. Her death is getting more real, but still just a weird thing that happened. But it's getting to the time when we talk about random memories of her. Like tonight, we were referencing Waterworld,... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, G’ma Susi. OR: Growing Pains.

My grandma is dead. It was a Saturday, around lunch time. (In my family, we tend to measure time by the meals, not the hours.) She looked like herself, just hooked to machines, and there was one that wouldn't stop beeping,... Continue Reading →

272: challenge

it has been an interesting few weeks. end of volleyball season, my uncle died, my school term is wrapping up, work is crazy as usual, i'm about to turn 28. there has been family, friend, and boy drama. ive got... Continue Reading →

270: How to Deal

I've learned a lot about what happens when you lose someone unexpectedly in the last few years. Death is an ugly word, but something we go through more and more as we get older. The beauty in it is watching... Continue Reading →

death feels like… (269)

on tuesday night, i can tell you almost exactly when our worlds changed. there was a funny text from my sister at 8:30 something in reference to my little brothers and a picture my stepmom had taken of them at... Continue Reading →

174 – iSad

Steve Jobs died today. Someone wrote a twitter stating that it was sweetly ironic that most people were learning of this news via a device that his genius helped to create. I myself learned through twitter, but I could have... Continue Reading →

happy birthday carly

its about 11pm the night before your birthday as i start to write this. ive been trying to write this for two hours. i think from being best friends in junior high and high school, i  always remember your birthday.... Continue Reading →

75 – heart of hearts

One week ago today I found out Carly was gone. I was on the phone with my mom, reading an article someone had sent me about the search for her. At 9:29pm, it refreshed and said that her body had... Continue Reading →

72 – Carly. Time. 676-1111. And I don’t have a radio.

I'm having a really hard time with Carly's passing. Look at her staff page here. How cute is that girl? Her obituary...I can barely recognize what that means...obituary. It was a beautiful summary of an incredible friend. Yesterday I was... Continue Reading →

71 – I think I’m Stage Four.

Last night was my "try to forget about things and let loose for a few hours" night. L, J and I had bought tickets to see "Rock of Ages" in the city, and researched a place for dinner, timed the... Continue Reading →

missing carly

Carly has just left us...I think I'm still waiting for it to not be real, for life to go back to the part where I could still think of her as someone I was excited to see again at our... Continue Reading →

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