it has been an interesting few weeks. end of volleyball season, my uncle died, my school term is wrapping up, work is crazy as usual, i’m about to turn 28. there has been family, friend, and boy drama. ive got a major blister on my toe and i can’t remember to put a bandaid on it, so each time i take off socks it rips open anew. i went to yosemite this week and bought a book featuring all the deaths that have happened in yosemite since it opened as a national park (900 deaths) and i can’t stop reading its morbidness and wondering at all these thrill-seeking men who refuse to acknowledge the power of nature. or directions.

so i haven’t written a thing. not that i haven’t thought about it. not that i dont know its the one thing that really helps me process emotion. not that i don’t have things to say. its like a self-defense mechanism…don’t do the one thing you know will help you process, because then you will actually HAVE to process.

but i can’t deny how competitive i am. I have a list of things to accomplish….my thirtyX30….and i want to get to 100.000 views. And it could happen soon. but right now, i cant write deeply because im afraid “they” will read it.

so i have stumbled upon a writing challenge to help me. I fully intend to stick it out, and finish, in half the time.

Well, maybe.

but it goes like this: