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Challenge – a Book I LOVE. (282)

Well. This is a doozy. My grandma Susi was a teacher, my grandma Jackie was a librarian. My mom and aunts are avid readers. This family looooves to read. I remember staying up with a light under the blankets to... Continue Reading →

Challenge. Brian. Bigfoot. Casual. (281)

A while back I started this "challenge" to help me keep up with my blogging during the school/work year, when I am reading and writing so much that to blog becomes either an escape that keeps me from doing the... Continue Reading →

272: challenge

it has been an interesting few weeks. end of volleyball season, my uncle died, my school term is wrapping up, work is crazy as usual, i'm about to turn 28. there has been family, friend, and boy drama. ive got... Continue Reading →

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