A while back I started this “challenge” to help me keep up with my blogging during the school/work year, when I am reading and writing so much that to blog becomes either an escape that keeps me from doing the real work I need to do, or something I never escape to.

The thing about the escape, is that writing, more than anything, helps me process and go away from whatever I’m going through. We’re all always going through something. The problem arises when I want to write my way through a situation, but the people involved are likely to read about it here! Every blogger’s dilemma.

Today’s Day 2 is – A picture of you and the person you have been close with for the longest.



Is this mom? sisters? best friends? Jesus? I don’t know. I’m close to those people.

I’ll tell you what I wish it was: Brian Wilson.

Brian Wilson in dugout at Dodger Stadium.
miss you baby.

I miss him with a physical ache.

I was watching the Giants game last night, and Casilla came in and Lopez came in. I was texting my sister and literally stopped and felt my heart get sad. The Giants in general are making me sad. We need to turn this season around, kids! There is still time, I believe there is still time.

To Brian, where ever you may be, recovering from surgery and rehabbing your way back to AT&T,

I have not forgotten about you. I think about you all the time. I hope you google yourself and find me. Did you know if you google “Brian Wilson’s Girlfriend” that on page three of the google, my picture shows up? Did you also know that if you google my name, a picture of you shows up? The internet gods have spoken!

Me and Bigs! Just hanging out. Casual.

I really enjoyed the picture and song of you on twitter with Sasquatch, talking heroically about your elbow transfusion or whatever. Did you know that I also have an affinity for Bigfoot? As if we needed another reason to love one another!

Get better. We need you. I need you. I love you like a fat kid loves cake. And I am that fat kid. and I LOVE cake, so. I know these things.