play alonG!

1. Haha – Make me laugh. More than anything, make me laugh. I am funny. You should be, too. I don’t want the hottest guy in the world, I want the funniest. The one who keeps me listening because I don’t want to miss a joke. Because looks fade into nothing. By the time they are about 70, almost all men look about the same. Like the same wrinkly potato. They all grow hair out of their ears, which blocks their hearing. They shuffle. Their pants are up around their moobs. They wear tan shoes. Your looks will fade, but your sense of humor will not. Make me laugh.

2. Smartypants – Challenge me. Know things I don’t. Teach me. Without condescension. Keep learning all your life, just to learn.

doesn’t even matter what his face looks like…he’s playing guitar.

3. Music – Many an average-looking male has gotten attention from being in a band. Music is near and dear to me, and I can’t deny having dated a drummer or guitarist or two. :) I love a musician, or at least a man who appreciates music and takes me to a concert now and then.

4. Adventure – I understand guys love their video games and watching sports tv. Believe me…when the Giants are on, I have a hard time listening to words that you say that aren’t about HEY THE GIANTS ARE ON. But I want a man who will go outdoors, take me camping, fish, drive a boat, read a map, put up a tent, light a fire, tie a knot, fix a car, mow the lawn, and barbecue the snot out of a steak. I will either be right next to you, or I will pull up a lawn chair and watch you do all this. I will bring us both a beer.

5. Love my Family – They are crazy. They have never met a stranger. They are loud, they eat too much, drink too much, spend too much, play too much, work too much. Sometimes they are too much. But they are the best. So hang out, love on them, and you’ll be loving me in the process.

And that’s it! Aren’t women simple and easy to figure out? :) Five step-by-step directions….and we’ll all be falling at your feet.