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Gringa Diaries: Antarctica

Captain’s Log, Day 14:I keep singing "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?" It’s a new year dot dot dot I guess? Have lost all sense of time here on the last continent. The floor mats in the... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: It’s the End of the World and I knowed it.

Captain’s Log, Day 10: Currently 36 degrees F and wiiiiiindy, battling a chest cold, have walked among PENGUINS!, seen the end of the world by road and am now sailing towards a stormy grey curtain that hides the rest of... Continue Reading →

56/365.25 – 10 Youtubes I could watch over…and over…and over…and

Remember life before Youtube? Me neither. Here are some videos that I could watch on repeat for quite some time. They are funny. They are the kind of videos that back like two years ago when Youtube wasn't yet a... Continue Reading →

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