10. Tunnels. How do they make these? Whose idea was it? Who was the first guy who was like, “there is no way I’m taking my covered wagon over these mountains one more time. We’re going through these bad boys.” When you go through the tunnel, how much weight of the world are you passing under? Is it really good luck to hold your breath through one?

9. Bridges. Equally as fascinating as tunnels. Same questions.

8. Weather patterns. El NINO is SPanish for….the NINO!

7. Airplanes. I have read tons about them, asked lots of questions, been told time and time again how they work. Still don’t believe in them until I’m up in the air.

6. Bugs. If I knew more about them, maybe I wouldn’t be so scared?

5. Fish. Again, if I knew more about them, maybe they wouldn’t frighten me. How do they sleep? Do they get to sleep? Do they just float? Because what if your enemy is still awake and they eat you? Do fish hide?

4. Native Americans. I find tribal living and hunter-gatherers and all that social studies stuff fascinating.

3. How the internet works. Where are the pages? Where does that go? How does my computer type stuff?

2. What I’m supposed to do with my life. Just a hint. But a big, obvious, neon sign of a hint, of where I should be aiming to go or do for like five years from now.

1. Brian Wilson’s address.