Fav moment of the weekend -My little sister came home from SLO to surprise me for my belated birthday bash! Although my mom was kiiiiinda giving it away with some weird text messages, it was still such a nice surprise to see her little face peeking through my window! We had some good times before…well. We had some good times. :) I’m super excited for her to be home all summer!!!

Second favorite moment of the day – I got new glasses!!! I’ve been wearing the same pair for about two years. Which is like wearing the same tshirt everyday. They have become a part of my face. I wear my contacts sometimes, too, but I have eye issues that make it hard to wear them everyday. And I feel like wearing glasses helps boost my respectability among the junior highers I teach, which is a plus, since without something that says “adult” on, I pretty much blend in with them.

Right now I am wearing…

  • workout clothes, including a “Joe Momma’s” cafe tshirt from Avila Beach.
  • purple toenails

This week I am going to…

  • survive my second Open House at school. This is so stressful and yet not if I don’t want it to be. I have accepted that Latin isn’t a subject that renders itself to a lot of cool projects I can put around the room. You will see no dioramas, no cool posters, etc. But I’m putting together some cute pictures and all my drama props out so kids can dress up. Schmooze with the parents and meet the incoming sixth graders. I hear they’re a nice, calm bunch, which I’m REALLY looking forward to.
  • Rehearse for Sunday
  • Bridesmaid stuff
  • Lead Chapel at school for the K-5ers about my mission trips
  • My sister Jenna is taking the MCATs on Saturday, so I will be praying for her all day and then we’re sitting CLUB LEVEL with tons of family and friends that night at the Giants game to celebrate! Go Jenna!!
  • at some point, I will sleep.

The songs I’ve listened to most recently, according to my ipod:

  • *Wake Me Up (Before you Go go!) Yeah wham!
  • *Closer – Shawn Mcdonald
  • *Valerie – Mark Ronson feat. Amy Wino
  • *Cupid Shuffle – omg I love this song. Just makes me wanna DANCE!
  • *Devil with the Blue Dress – Wilson Pickett

This weekend I…

  • hung out with some of my favorite eighth grade girls, giving into a yearlong request of theirs for a pizza and movie party. The movie – Never Say Never. Oh Yeah. I now got the fevs for the biebs. He’s just so cuuuuuute!!!!
  • Worked out
  • had a partaaaay at the Captains Chest. Karaoke. Good times. So I’m told.
  • Did not leave my couch on Sunday. I observed the Sabbath very carefully, watching about a billion movies and falling in love with Parks and Rec. BEST show.

Today I ate

  • coffee and almond milk
  • banananana!
  • a donut with sprinkles. ahhhh i love teaching junior high and all the birthday parties that involves!
  • homemade taco salad
  • Peach tea. its fantastic.

I am most happy about:

  • going to the GLEE concert next Monday night!!! YESSSS. We went last year, driving down to LA and back in a day to watch it. Twas truly epic. Loved it loved it, and I’m so excited to be screaming my head off with a lot more friends and family this time.