Favorite moment of the day – finding a trader joes chocolate on my desk from a student. she never said anything, i didn’t notice her putting it there, and when i dismissed them to lunch and sank back in my chair, it was exactly what i needed.

Second favorite moment of the day – going to mccovey’s and watching the Giants on tv again with jenna. we had garlic fries, chicken fingers, beer, and got goosebumps every time they showed World Series flashbacks. that will just never get old! Then we looked at our spreadsheet of games we’re going to this season and googled the marital status of all the new players. Brian Wilson, don’t worry, you still hold my heart quite captive. I love you and your ridiculous beard of awesome. I also refound the song I wrote about Buster Posey during the World Series, and am planning on sending it to Ashkon.

Right now I am wearing…

  • yoga pants
  • my new tennis shoes!
  • mismatched socks, obvy
  • a lime green sports bra
  • a tennesee moonshine factory shirt
  • glasses
  • a ring I can’t get off my finger again.


This week I am going to…

  • coach a vball game on Tuesday, Thursday. Bringing brownies this week. We’s gon win EVRY GAME!
  • Have jenna come and talk to my Latin classes about Latin roots in human anatomy
  • go see a show in the city and have an awesome night out on Friday with my girls
  • finish my grades and comments. I promise.

The songs I’ve listened to most recently, according to my ipod:

  • Jesses Girl – rick springfield
  • born this way – lady gaga – still topping my charts
  • i heard it through the grapevine – marvin gaye
  • you got yr. cherry bomb – spoon
  • corner of the sky – cut copy
  • right now – ob-la-di, ob-la-da – ze beeeeetles baby

Newstory that encourages me (and any other fellow wine enthusiasts) about the positive affects of moderate drinking on the prevention of dementia, something I am increasingly concerned about:


This weekend I…

  • read my Biblia
  • had a dinner at church for worship team appreciation
  • had a fantastical girls night out
  • went to church
  • graded papers and more papers and more papers

Today I ate

  • coffee and half and half.
  • chocolate bar from melisa h.
  • lean cuisine with some chicken cilantro thing? i dont know but it was delicious.
  • a volleyball that one of my players served at my face before I could move out of the way quick enough
  • beer mmmm baseball.
  • chicken fingers
  • garlic fries – yeah baby!!!

I am most happy about:

  • giants baseball back on tv
  • my sister coming to teach medical stuff for my latin classes this week
  • seeing my friend Jason get baptized on Sunday
  • how pretty the sky is when its kinda cloudy and the sun is starting to go down.
  • students who make me laugh and give me hugs.