It is Sunday night, I sit with a slowly shrinking pack of papers to grade, cancelled dinner plans, a pajama set with puppies on it, and bedtime tea.

I should really get through all these grades….but I made the mistake of looking at the free movies section on demand and really want to watch something that is like two hours long and then oops! time for bed!

Things that are on my mind today….

i did a jillian michael’s workout thing on the tv ondemand today. that lady means business! it felt good though. my knee is killing me.

i have finally eaten all the conversation hearts in the house. yay! but kinda sad because i will miss them until next year. But jillian would approve if I stopped eating so much sugar.


i am trying to come up with a really great thing to give up or take on for Lent this year. I’m not Catholic, but, its the least I can do for Jesus. Options include giving up the word “amazing,” since it is so overused and has lost all meaning; giving up all candy; reading Bible every day; giving up Facebook.

In more Jesus-related news, at church this morning, I saw a good friend get baptized and share a little of his story. I was baptized a few years ago in Mexico at a place that I go to for mission trips, and it always really touches me to watch people get baptized. Its cool how we do it at my church, in a big bathtub during the service and we took communion and sang some awesome songs today. It made me reflect on the differences between the way I was living my life a few years ago and the way I try to live it now. I think the biggest difference is how much more of a positive person I am now. I’ve tried to cut out a lot of the things I was doing that weren’t impacting my life in a good way, and live a cleaner, more focused, more productive life, that I hope reflects the changes that Christ is making in me. In doing this though, I hear people’s negativity more strongly I think. I’ve become more sensitive to bad behavior, disrespect, complainers, whiners, self-centered people. Which is terrible if you’re a junior high teacher, because I get hit with bad attitudes every day. But it is making me learn more about patience and thinking about what others must  be going through to say the things they do, and try to have sympathy and try to lift them up. Live on the brighter side of life. I don’t know if I always do a good job, but I’m trying.

Okay. In that vein, I will crank out another stack of Latin tests (yippee) and then reward with a musical. :) Happy week everyone!