10. My SF Giants cover – one of my 8th grade students bought this for me off the internet with his own money. On my birthday, he told me to hold out my hands for a surprise. I don’t generally trust that, coming from an 8th grade boy (is it a dead mouse? sweaty palm full of M&Ms?) but he gave me the cover! Awesome. Added it to my collection of obscure Giants paraphernalia, which includes pez, bobbleheads, and a toothbrush. (PS how many of you can spell that word without spell check? Took me three tries! ‘paraphra….paraphre….para….aw shoot.’ And I’m a language teacher!)

9. Autocorrect. That is the funniest thing ever. It changes “thingy” to “Hindu” and “tway,” my baby-name for Traci to “teat.” Also my friend “Jordana” to “Koreans.” PS if you haven’t visited “Damn you Auto Correct” yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. Warning: You should really be about 25 years old to read most of those. Warning Part Two: You may wet your pants laughing.

8. GPS – I miss my Thomas Bros maps, but man, I love watching that little blue dot zero in on where I am! And on roadtrips, updating the estimated time arrival? So fun trying to beat that by speeding.

7. Conversation flow in texting – I love being able to see everything we’ve said to each other. Its a great way to remember inside jokes. This is especially fun to review after a big night out. OR mortifying to review, if you’ve just started seeing/texting/flirting with someone.

6. Music everywhere I go – Ipod, Klove app, PandoraAwesome! I use this all the time. And if I am out and about and I hear a cool song, do I need to wait until I get home, crank up the laptop, open iTunes to dl? Nope! I can do that right now! On my phone! Then we can listen to it! Crazy.

5. Books everywhere I go – In a weak moment, I once downloaded “Eclipse,” and I have Jane Eyre and a bunch of the free classics books on there. I even have the entire Bible in a few translations. Dictionaries in Spanish, English and Latin. They have saved me many boring hours waiting for planes or lying sick in bed somewhere. And also come in handy when playing Scrabble.

4. Twitter – I resisted for as long as I could, but once Brian Wilson reinstated his account, I had my sister set one up for me. There is no better way to get up-to-the-minute sports info and I love OMGFacts and toptweets. I also follow Lord Voldemort. Simply hilarious. And it brought me great joy when the SFGiants tweeted me!

3. Ridic apps – bored? Find a crazy app. I love TPain app, Bedintruder app, I have an app that tracks the moon, one that tells me good times to go to bed for the best REM based on when I need to wake up, and one to play ConnectFour with total strangers. Guitar tuner, Starbucks finder, iBart. Sigh.


1. Camera everywhere I go – I don’t always have my digital cam with me, but I pretty much always have my phone. I love being able to quickly upload pics to facebook or text someone a pic of something funny I just found (hence the mug) or of the cover of a magazine that says that the Bachlorette IS engaged! (smiles to L, J, and M!) I love all the fun editing apps, too. Want to make that pink? Do it. Black and white? Yup. Add a thought bubble? Fo sho.

Of course, there I things I don’t like, like how addicted I am to it, or when its slow, and I miss the clicky clacky of my Blackberry keys….but oh, oh how i love my iphone.