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AmberAlert via Text – Why this is Amazing.

I remember being very asleep when my mom came in my room. I was in fourth or fifth grade, and the Polly Klaas story was something we had followed at home and on the playground. My mom crept in, sniffling,... Continue Reading →

Smartphones. Hrm.

Does your phone affect your relationships? Choose: Huh? What was the question? Someone @replied me on Twitter just now. My phone makes my relationships stronger because it adds more streams of communication and helps me stay in closer touch with... Continue Reading →

VS Panties War: Dear Parents – What?!?

This will tick people off. But. As anti-corporation, cynical, Christian and "good" as I can be, as someone who works with youth of all ages, I've got to say something. No doubt by now you've seen something about the backlash... Continue Reading →

253: Teacher Diaries: What I Wish I Could Say to Parents. And Politicians.

Recently I read a great article by Ron Clark, a pretty famous guy in the educational world. He's been honored by Oprah and has a Lifetime movie about him starring Chandler Bing, so....big stuff. His article focuses on what that... Continue Reading →

HowGirlsWork: Pity party, table for one, please.

this is an honest request. i need to get off the couch, where i normally throw these parties, and get to a real table. that would be an adult step up. out of my sweatpants and away from boxed wine?... Continue Reading →

Top10 Things I Love about my iPhone

10. My SF Giants cover - one of my 8th grade students bought this for me off the internet with his own money. On my birthday, he told me to hold out my hands for a surprise. I don't generally... Continue Reading →

36 – so tired. I bearly made it. Yes. I meant to write bearly.

This will be my third blog composed from bed on my iPhone. God bless technology. I've been in and out of a cold medicine induced fog of consciousness all day...enough awake time to soak up some feel good from the... Continue Reading →

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