this is an honest request. i need to get off the couch, where i normally throw these parties, and get to a real table. that would be an adult step up. out of my sweatpants and away from boxed wine? that would be a huuuuge leap for rachelkind.

because when feeling sorry for myself, i want to be alone, eating a fabulous dinner that i don’t have to clean up, and drinking copious amounts of cocktails adorables. and by “alone,” you should read “contacting the internet world via iPhone and posting shameless updates on Facebook crying for attention.”

side effects include….

mondays make me miserable. is this just for teachers? i feel full of all kinds of hope on a sunday afternoon; i kinda miss my students, i have all sorts of innovative ideas for learning, i’m full of zest and hope for america’s future. i feel like those people at the end of a commercial for allergy medicine – ready to conquer the world!

i walk into the hallways monday morning, and i am a moving ball of sunshine. i am bubbles and glitter. i have a happy word for every student, a smile for every parent, muffins and donuts to pass out.

but by noon on monday, all that has somehow disappeared. everything is the worst. everything overall smells like the color brown.

you…complete me.

i can’t figure out my funk. i have a job that provides personal pride and pleasure. definitely has a lot of laughs. involves my intellect. i have brains in my head and shoes on my feet. i can watch dvds. i have a cellphone that tells me the internet. things aren’t so bad.

maybe i just need a puppy? i mean, who doesn’t. 

I’m settling for cheap red wine, my roommate to dig toes under a warm leg, chocolate covered acai berries, and “tangled.” we started with episodes of the “x-files,” but she got scared. :)

i think we go through seasons of life….i have been paddling in vain to stay above a dark winter.

mmm. more hugs? chocolate? a vacation? a boy?

what will it be….