This will be my third blog composed from bed on my iPhone. God bless technology. I’ve been in and out of a cold medicine induced fog of consciousness all day…enough awake time to soak up some feel good from the gLeekend marathon that was on, grade a few dozen papers, and shower. I also drank copious amounts of tea with wild mountain honey my grandma was kind enough to bring me a jar of today.

I think out of all creatures, I would be most suited to be a bear, if animals were an option. I would love to eat honey, because I love honey. I would lumber through meadows very well. Catching fish with my bear hands (haha) sounds like a fun adventurous way to feed yourself. And I have fiercely loyal “mama bear” like qualities about me, including cuddliness and protectiveness of the young uns.

Also I could definitely raise cute bear cubs. And spend my whole year stealing pic-a-nic baskets (“heeeeey Boo boo!!”) to fatten up for hibernation. Come out in spring, do the whole thing over again.

Do bears still hibernate for winter? Where do they go? Do they still have caves? Humans haven’t ruined them all? Do they ever wake up too early? Where do they go potty while they hibernate? Bears haven’t modernized beyond caves? Has global warming and/or the economy affected the bears and their winter habits?

I think I need to know the answers to those questions before I make my final decision, but I do think I would be a good bear.