If you’re an American, you are watching television today. Either the Superbowl, or the Puppy bowl, you’re on the tube. You have chips and salsa, beer, an office pool going, the location of the remote control is of utmost importance, and for once, you sit through the commercials so you’re up to date for the watercooler talk Monday morning. You should not be reading this blog. Go find a place to sit on the sofa and get up only to pee, for a beer run, or to play some touch football in the backyard.

I have complete sold my heart out to Giants baseball, and I admit that the one football game I watched all season was like Raiders vs a better team, at some point in October, and I was grading papers the whole time until I fell asleep. But I LOVE Superbowl Sunday. I love the food, the drinks, yelling at the tv, the commercials, the super cheesy and sometimes awful halftime shows, I love that the American flag is somehow incorporated into everything. And I love gambling on the game. You should be watching the game! Get off the computer! I have a winning streak going with score pools…I’ve won at least five times that I can think of. Many times I have been so busy playing ping/beer pong or talking outside that people have to come find me to tell me I’ve won the pool. Once in Santa Barbara I won both half-time and end game pool, we got a cab downtown, and then we woke up the next morning. But those were the crazy years. :)

Once at Disneyland, we asked a worker when the best days were to come to the park. He said that the slowest days were Mother’s Day and Superbowl Sunday. I had to work once at Natural Cafe on Superbowl Sunday, and any guys that came in that day we decided should turn in their Man cards. All the girls in the front and the Mexicans in the back kept crowding around a radio near the dishwasher to hear the scores, counting down the minutes until our shifts were over. You should not be reading this blog! Get off the computer! Go watch the game!

Even with a wicked cold and a very superficial knowledge of the teams playing today (I am rooting for Green Bay simply because I like cheese and the QB is from CAL) , I’m donning my ESPN shirt, and getting my 7-layer dip on.