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YAYarea Summer 2016 – the basic updates

I am back in California! woooo baby yeah. I won't be coming home for another year, so I am going ALL OUT. I've been to a Giants game, I've drank salsa from the jar, I made a White House cookie... Continue Reading →

68 – Dear Fox News – A word about the teacher-bashing, if I may.

As in every profession, there are people who are teaching who may not be the best at what they do. Some teachers may need more social skills, or organization skills, etc. And I admit that I didn't really understand what... Continue Reading →

37 – No one is going to read this. Its Superbowl Sunday!

If you're an American, you are watching television today. Either the Superbowl, or the Puppy bowl, you're on the tube. You have chips and salsa, beer, an office pool going, the location of the remote control is of utmost importance,... Continue Reading →

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