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being sick

the one where she gets covid

Maybe a steady diet of Hot Tamales, sauvignon blanc, and massaman curry had effectively neutralised any chance of getting infected with the corona?

rachel and the terrible, horrible, rotten, no good, very bad tummy ache.

I woke up last Monday morning how I usually do - hit my snooze two times, checked social media and emails, and then got up at the last possible second to turn on the coffee. I had had to knock... Continue Reading →

Being Sick and Stuff

Being sick is a pain. But there are also parts of it I enjoy in some sort of sadistic way. I've been feeling icky since about Tuesday night; headache, and that feeling you get where your brain is fuzzy, body feels... Continue Reading →

I miss baseball. I miss Brian Wilson. (38)

Watched the Superbowl yesterday....sorta. Football doesn't hold my interest very much these days. And what misguided marketing major thought that a bunch of people who are rooting for the Packers and the Steelers want to see the Black Eyed Peas... Continue Reading →

36 – so tired. I bearly made it. Yes. I meant to write bearly.

This will be my third blog composed from bed on my iPhone. God bless technology. I've been in and out of a cold medicine induced fog of consciousness all day...enough awake time to soak up some feel good from the... Continue Reading →

Gringa Diaries: Pooped in Peru

So....turns out altitude sickness is NOT A JOKE. Your mind is telling you you can carry your packs and walk normally, and your body is like, you are caraaaazzzyyyy I can´t breathe homie! Also not fun, having a flu while... Continue Reading →

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