For this week’s episode, I kept a tally of how many times anyone mentioned HeWhoShallNotBeNice, Bentley. I was thinking 12 name drops, but I was blown out of the water with a whopping NINETEEN Bentley-bombs. And the guy wasn’t even IN the episode! But he’s making a comeback next week…I don’t know why…just to torture Ashley some more? Sure makes for good TV.

The other words I like to tally in reality TV are “amazing” and “intense.” Look for those in the future. Lets start with a rundown of the dates and remaining men…

In this week’s episode, they flew from Thailand to HongKong. I’m digging the Asian flavor to this season. Something a little different. I keep wondering when they’re going to do some cool Fear Factor-esque date and make the boys eat fried locusts or dog-kabobs.

I love seeing what the guys wear when they travel. Note to boys – on a hotness scale, flip flops > walking sandals/sneakers, unless you’re actually doing something active. Boys in flips are cute. Fact. Loved Mickey’s little euro-flavor with the manpris and white linen shirt. Where’s he been for the last three eps? He’s a little too pretty for me, actually.

One – on – One with Ben F. – 28, winemaker from Sonoma. I initially just thought he was cute, but as Ashley said, the more he talks, the cuter he gets. My mom always says that looks will fade, but he’s gotta make you laugh forever. And Ben F. is hilarious. He has random weird voices he talks in, he’s not afraid to take things slow, and he painted a smiley face on an umbrella. His best lines were “I’ll hold these (the umbrellas) so you can hold my hand” and referring to himself as an “emotional zombie” after the death of his father. And their mental makeout session in front of a temple, although a little weird…pretty steamy! I just read a little bio on Ben F. and for his favorite sports team, he said “San Francisco Giants...the only team that matters.” Hey Ben, if this doesn’t work out with Ashley, CALL ME.

Group Date – Muay Thai fighting – Guys shirtless and training for boxing = amazing idea. The pushup contests, the sweat, the testosterone festival…I was watching alone and giggling and blushing. However….Guys who are already fighting over Ashley physically fighting each other = TERRIBLE IDEA. I can hardly watch football because I internalize pain of others. Describe even a minor injury to me and I get weak-kneed, so watching these guys swing and kick at each other was hard to stomach. And of course, poor sweet Harvard/Yale/pink shorts wearing Ames gets knocked in the head (poor choice on that unnecessarily aggressive move, Ryan P., who gets dweebier by the minute). I was happy Ames came back with a mild concussion and still his sweet, polite face, still able to crack jokes. Getting knocked out only adds to his adorable, cow-eyed look. What a good guy.

Two on One Date – Elephant River Trek with Ben and William – Boo. These dates are weird, because you know one person has to go home, so Ashley must go into it with someone already in mind of who she’s ready to see leave. Clearly it was Ben. The guy is a little over the top for me, but I hope all that romance he has building up inside makes some girl happy one day. William has quickly deteriorated from my favorite funny guy to an obnoxious, manipulative child. Be a man and fight fair. And his goodbye sounded like a cry for help…someone should check on him.

I like that she’s gotten a little smarter….weed them out quickly, send em home. But she’s still hung up on Bentley, so she clearly hasn’t figured a lot of things out. Next week’s episode looks promising for the craziest one yet.

Something I learned about myself...I really don’t like when guys swear. I know their blood was pumping during the fights, but I realized that excessive use of curse words just makes you look immature. Its unattractive.

I’m also wondering how many of them are worried about losing Ashley, and how many of them are just worried about losing? Men are really competitive…that became abundantly clear in this episode…sometimes I think they play up the emotion and the words to the camera so that they look good for the ladies back home in case they get rejected (ie Nick’s goodbye speech).

Until next time…love, roses, and Chris Harrison.