Ma and me going to Disco Bingo!

Adios, civilization! Hello, Pinecrest! I have gone to frolic in the woods with my

kin and woodsy critters for the week. Its the annual Camp Blue – Lair of the Golden Bear Cal Alumni Family camp extravaganza and I am PUMPED. If I could have a career as a camp counselor, I totes would.

I love the smells of the forest, being hot all day and cold all night, singing camp songs, the traditions, s’mores until my teeth rot, campfire smoke in my hair. I love crafts, sports, and eating in a dining hall. Fantasmo! And my whole family goes, both sides, and despite the occasional awkwardness and having to explain to the other families how I came to have four parents, four aunts, five cousins, grandmas, dogs, and a ten and five year old brother all gathering at my cabin dressed like pirates and playing flip cup….its a swell time!

So I will be going offline for the week, which is kinda nice to unplug and not hear the ringing of text messages or watch trash tv (but oh, how I will miss thee, Bachelorette hometown date episode!), but I will leave you with these moments of goodness and truth…

Fav moments of the weekend: Watching two gorgeous, hilarious, brilliant women get married to men who adore them, and dancing my ass off with girlfriends from high school and work, under the stars with twinkling lights and sparkling wine and lots and lots of laughs. Congrats, Courtney and Annie!

Fav moments to come this week…tye-dying, painting tiles,

Camp Blue Ladies! mom, me, soph, aunt suzy

winning the annual Blue vs. Gold softball and volleyball matches til the death, Adult Dance, Disco Bingo, Pirate Party, Sunset hike, Therapy, paddleboating, playing games with family.

This week I will be wearing…only Cal gear. Go Bears! (and the occasional Giants sweatshirt, to keep it real.)

Songs that remind me of camp….

  • Home – Edward Sharpe
  • Me and Bobby McGee – Janis
  • Hail to California
  • Country Road Take Me Home – John Denver
  • Wish you were here – Incubus
Bigfoot goes to camp, too
with baby brudda at the lake