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Travel in the Time of Corona

After one month in California, coming to you live from my studio on HK Island, I present Day 5 of Quarantine! I am also celebrating the three year anniversary of me moving to Hong Kong! my new hardware! It was... Continue Reading →

here she go.

Just a small town girl. Living in a lonely world. She took a minibus going anywhere. It ripped off her toenail.* That's not where I meant to go when I started writing that sentence but there it is. I sing... Continue Reading →

Girl Gone Gili (your girl is in Indonesia)

It was hard to hug Jeanie goodbye - living abroad, one of the weird ways your heart has to grow is to learn how to say goodbye to people for real, knowing that there is a very real chance you... Continue Reading →

The Land of the Rising Sun – Days 1 and 2

‘This is brilliant. This is . . . this is either the best idea or the worst idea i have ever had. Either way . . . heaps of fun at the moment. And probably a really good story later.’... Continue Reading →

therapy: a one way ticket. dogs.

The pictures confirmed the image I was forming of just how much smaller and more compact my life was going to be living in Hong Kong. They showed a tiny furnished bedroom, and a living room you could juuuust about... Continue Reading →

RinR: How to (probably not) Pack for the Amazon

I am leaving for the airport in less than four hours. I have had all day to pack for my trip to the Amazon. So I was obviously very productive and focused. For starters, despite going to bed at 3am... Continue Reading →

RinR: Playing Tour Guide, NYE, Cheese Penis, a Friend

My first visitor! I think a place truly starts to feel like "home" when you have someone visit and you get to play tour guide. I'm fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine to be one of those "Jungle Cruise" guides... Continue Reading →

Rachel to Rio: It’s Getting Real

I've officially purchased my ticket to Brazil. I have an actual date (a week after they wanted me there, but did you know that getting a work visa requires the blood of a virgin and dragon fire and all kinds... Continue Reading →

137 – Monday Round UP – Lake, BIG lake!

Adios, civilization! Hello, Pinecrest! I have gone to frolic in the woods with my kin and woodsy critters for the week. Its the annual Camp Blue - Lair of the Golden Bear Cal Alumni Family camp extravaganza and I am... Continue Reading →

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