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RinR: Week Without Walls

If I were to change careers (something I think all teachers consider every Monday morning), at the top of the list would be "Karaoke DJ." Beekeeper, baby goat cuddler, and sloth handler are also on the list. But karaoke is something... Continue Reading →

137 – Monday Round UP – Lake, BIG lake!

Adios, civilization! Hello, Pinecrest! I have gone to frolic in the woods with my kin and woodsy critters for the week. Its the annual Camp Blue - Lair of the Golden Bear Cal Alumni Family camp extravaganza and I am... Continue Reading →

Science Camp recap!

This is the story...of what happens...when you take 80 sweet, Christian, privately schooled junior them in the woods...allow them to wear "free dress"....and find out what happens when children stop being polite, and start getting REAL. jk. it wasn't... Continue Reading →

twenty5 things about me.

1. my favorite flowers are sweet peas. neither sweet nor peas. talk amongst yourselves. 2. my favorite food is cottage cheese. totally plain, right out of the carton, with a fork. 3. im scared of horses. i blame summer camp... Continue Reading →

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