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RinR: Thanks and Thoughts and Things

I love Thanksgiving. I love looking on facebook and instagram and seeing everyone get mushy about those they love, and taking a solid timeout from the angry-elfness that seems to be infecting the interwebs lately. I love the family photos... Continue Reading →

My Season of “The Bachelorette” – Part One

Okay, I've given up on this season. I give up at some point every season, but this year, I more give up. The Bach has been on for...20 seasons? We're just shamelessly recycling plot lines. How many times have we... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys: What Girls Post Online

The problem with social media is we believe what we see. Via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., we form opinions of each other. In a more devious and dangerous vein, we work to form others' opinions of ourselves. We post... Continue Reading →

Carolina Diaries: The Getting to of Here. Driving across the US of A.

We said "goodnight" at 12am and set alarms for 4am. She texted from the couch at 1:30 "I can't sleep, lets just go for it." But I had somehow fallen into a delirious panic nap and we did get up... Continue Reading →

The One Where I Move Back Home for a Bit

I am moving to North Carolina in TWO DAYS. As my lease ended in June, I've had to haul my life to my gracious mother and step-father's house, and pretend to not feel awkward about it for the last two... Continue Reading →

dogs. snot. armpits. brian wilson.

My eye hurts. my knee hurts. is this what it feels like for old people? random body parts start tingling and aching and then one day you're old? i read a book about a leper colony in hawai'i at the turn... Continue Reading →

131 – Monday Round UP

Fav Moment of the Day - New roomie meeting in! I can't wait to hang out and get frozen yogurt and drink wine and watch girlie movies and tv together. yaaaay for new friends! Second Fav Moment - The return... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Things I’ve learned from my Toe

10. Hair on toes grosses people out. Its like finger knuckle hair, or stray eyebrows, or lady upper lipness. Everyone has it, its designed to keep you warm, and to embarass you. Nobody wants it. When I whip out my... Continue Reading →

Toe Up

You never know how much you need a toe, until you have a toe no mo'. That was a po. em. :) I have a gift. Its called "I am gifted at doing things that make my life more complicated."... Continue Reading →

82 – Look at all the fancy things!

So it was pouring rain, I was running to my car at the end of my last vball practice, and I had a bunch of keys and bags and things in both hands. I threw my stuff into my trunk,... Continue Reading →

63 – Teaching Diaries: TGIFreaking couldn’t teach a minute longer this week

I've had some rough teaching days this week. The kind that make me yearn for another time that I've read about in story books, when the teacher could stick a kid in a corner and make them stop whatever they... Continue Reading →

45 – Vday.

Aside from a coworker cornering me in the copy room and asking, "so, being single, how are you handling Valentine's Day?" I had a most rocking day. As a junior high teacher, watching young romances think they are blooming is... Continue Reading →

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