“feels like you’re running at an incredible rate, harry!”

My eye hurts. my knee hurts. is this what it feels like for old people? random body parts start tingling and aching and then one day you’re old? i read a book about a leper colony in hawai’i at the turn of the century, and people’s limbs would feel tingly and then one day they’d look over and be like “yo where is my thumb?” WILD. i feel like that dalmation…”my paws are cold…and my ears are cold..and my nose is cold…”  i saw adog leaning out the window today on the way home from work and he was SO happy it made everything around me feel happy for a moment.

imissyou. somuch.

brian wilson is doing some dorky commercial for some virtual tour of SF or something? I think its lame but I watched the videos like three times each just to see him. he can’t be that hard up for cash, can he? if so, he’s welcome to move in with me to save on rent. baseball just ended and i am going through withdrawals. it was really bad last season. I was so lost. this year should be a little better. not only was the season painful, but i have full-time work and full-time school to make me a full-time nerd who should be studying but instead is fulfilling some egoistic need to publish a blog few will read. an even better decision would be to go to bed. instead I’m going to look at my roommate’s food and scrounge for chocolate bits.

everyday this week i woke up and said “I’m not going to complain at all today.” sometimes I get all the way til lunch. im not really happy at my job right now. i don’t feel like i have any friends there anymore. my two besties left and everyone else is a busy mom and can’t do all the fun i want to do because of kids and husbands and junk like that (I’m not bitter). (I’m a little bitter. I want that junk.)

and there have been some really lame things said about me or to me by parents and staff that just bug. for example…apparently some parent complained to the office about a dress I was wearing last week that when my hair wasn’t covering it up, she could see my nude bra strap on my back.


I’m throwing up in my mouth.

i have several problems with this….why are you saying something a week later? if you see something like that and let it go, its like letting me walk around with a piece of snot hanging out my nose, or toilet paper on the shoe. Help me fix the situation. I don’t want to look sloppy. But if you’re going to wait a week, then it really wasn’t a big deal, was it? also, i can’t even remember what i wore yesterday, let alone a week ago. and when i do figure it out…..I’m sorry but…so what? at least i was wearing a bra. there was a period in my life where i went sans the underclothing. it was freeing. you want that i should wear a burkha? terribly hot. id be so cranky.

okay, okay, i get it. i work with junior highers. I’ve been told the male brain works something like this:

young teacher + bra strap = sexy thoughts! 

sometimes…when i get nervous…

but homies, it was like a nude grandma bra. nothing from my leopard print or edible collection. (kidding!) and as all my students can tell you, i can read their thoughts. if i read something like that, i would quickly pick my nose or say i have to pee or play with my chub rolls or smell my armpits or any of the many things i do to de-sexify myself at my job. i don’t want any of those boys thinking of me as anything but a talking lady face. ew. yicky. ew make it stop.

okay. there may have been a little complaining in this. but if i wrote it and i didn’t say it out loud, it doesn’t count, right? just like if you eat something while upset…

im chubby though. hmm.