Things that are GREAT!

I can officially start listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, and have decorated my house with Christmas cheer. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Like I just ate a cat.

crossing it of the 30x30!

I ran my first 10K, and I didn’t die! Actually I did decent. My goal was to finish uninjured and happy, aiming for 11 minute miles. Made an excellent soundtrack and wore bright pink and finished in 1:05! Not too bad. I was smiling. I’m definitely going to do that again and want to get under an hour and then 55, 50, etc. Until I’m in the Olympics. #neverstopdreaming. ha. Wow. I’m starting to talk in twitter! #omg!

Speaking of twitter…weird/cool thing…when I was finished with my race, I got a tweet (a twitter? a twit?) from a radio programmer in Montreal, Canada, of all places, asking if I would do a radio interview for them! He had read my article on the Huffington Post (hence why I’ve been posting less here…) and wanted to do a spot! I was like, chah! It was cool. After I got home form 10K, I got in a hot bath with a glass of chardonnay (at 11am, because I CAN!) and reread what I had written about Facebook and such. Then the DJ called and I was interviewed live for CJAD in Montreal for their afternoon commute show. I was too excited to register anything I was saying. I hope I didn’t sound too….California?

sisters and ma on Tgiving.
Thanksgiving – first time I’ve had it in the state of California in….five years? Its been in Georgia or Panama lately. It was nice to see mom’s side of the family…the usual crowd and then some relatives that crawled out of the woodwork that I’ve never met before. Always good to add another hick to the family tree.
are you...are you serious? get in my mouth NOW.

Ate a ton of food…still feasting on mashed potatoes and its four days later. Is this safe? I don’t know. I snatched the leftovers, along with some stuffing, and then left them in my car overnight on accident. I think its cold enough that it might be safe. Either way, when left in the microwave long enough and slathered in adequate amounts of butter, anything tastes good. Mashed potatoes are a bit of Heaven. I’m betting it’s God’s favorite food. All white and fluffy like the clouds He sits on.

Also, in bulletpoint form:

  • My first term of grad school is done this Friday! Praise Jesus! I plan on having too much fun until the next one starts.
  • I introduced my roommate to “When Harry Met Sally.” Our choices in movies continue to prove extremely compatible, and this bodes well for our future. Its nice to have a roommate who is upbeat and interested in hanging out in the living room with me.
  • My bum toenail has almost completely grown back! Excitement!
  • My current favorite songs are “Party” by Beyonce and everything by Drake. I think I LIKE like him.
  • My fish keeps playing dead and freaking me OUT.
  • I hate my roommate’s turtle and want it to die. Its very noisy.
  • I finished the Hunger Games trilogy. Wow. Can’t wait for those movies.
  • Officially going to Portland, Oregon for New Year’s Eve!
  • I really want a boyfriend. Or a puppy. Just something to cuddle will do.
  • I wonder how long I could go without brushing my hair.
  • I’m getting a cavity filled on Tuesday in a baby tooth I have that refuses to fall out. I love how weird my mouth feels after, but am always pretty sure I’m going to die the whole time they’re filling that thing in.
  • I love…lamp.

    this didn't happen this last week, but remember when it did? sigh. pat burrell. soooo dreamy.