Fav Moment of the Day: Text from my stepdad at 7am reminding me that its National Talk like a Pirate Day.

This weekend I…

  • was uncharacteristically social! I’ve been hermitaging
    will do.

    myself since the enslaught of school and teaching rained into my life, but I decided to go cray-cray and get into the city Friday night to celebrate some girls! It was truly fantastic. Swanky restaurant, bars with “Be Amazing” shining in lights (okay!), dressed up, meeting strange Russian men, eating pizza at 3am and falling asleep with an orange cat named Mr. Orange on a couch in high heels. Brilliant.

  • Saturday was school and school and school! To add to the fun, I broke down and purchased a MacBook. It is so beautiful and fast and making school a lot easier for me. (Online school….ya need a comp!) I just stare at it and drool. Six weeks without a laptop can break a girl. I’m suprised I lasted so long.
  • Also had a girls’ night IN on Saturday…which was hilarious in itself. With my usual crew, but it had been a while. So we played catch up, drank wine, ate mini-pizzas, and spent about an hour throwing grapes at each other and watching Dana laugh at herself.
  • Sunday was church and more school work and Lion King in 3D. So good.
  • Watched the Giants keep us on our toes. What an exciting season end! Brian looked DELICIOUS back on the mound…I loved seeing him smile beneath his beard….

This week I will… 

i want to be here now.
  • continue my affair with my MacBook
  • try to revive my cucumber plant
  • try to take some time to play music or read a non textbook. I’m feeling a little cray-cray with all the education.
  • have dinner with my Ma
  • go on fall retreat with our high school youth group to Santa Cruz! beach mountains campfire songs being cold snuggling beanies Jesus stars. awesome.
  • take a group of girls from school to go visit an old people home and entertain them with songs and Bingo


I am really excited about…

  • the new kind of lettuce I discovered at Fresh and Easy
  • discovering how delicious grapes are in salads. I’m obsessed.
  • being on the beach on Saturday
  • aren't we fun?

    my little brother being so excited to facetime me and tell me about the no-hitter he threw on Sunday :) warmed my heart. i miss the little boogers

  • the coming fall…I’m ready to wrap myself in blankets and scarves and drink and eat pumpkin everything until my skin turns orange. oh man I just made myself so crave pumpkin bread. Safeway, here I come!