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163 – Monday RoundUp

Fav Moment of the Day: Text from my stepdad at 7am reminding me that its National Talk like a Pirate Day. This weekend I... was uncharacteristically social! I've been hermitaging myself since the enslaught of school and teaching rained into... Continue Reading →

161 – How Girls Work: Girls Night Out (Thoughts)AfterParty

Girls nights out, girls nights in, girls nights with a fox in a box on a train. All these things can be oh so good. Yesterday I talked about my top ten things I love about a good reenactment of... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys – The Notebook: Or, how Chick Flicks have ruined Girls

I didn't know why but I felt like being alone and in a bummy mood. Sometimes this happens to girls. Sometimes all you wanna do is get into something comfy on the couch and watch a movie you've already seen... Continue Reading →

Monday Round UP

Fav moment of the weekend - I spent most of yesterday with one of my adopted families, and the twin boys are turning 15 soon and reeeeally excited about learning to drive. I think blacked out for a second and... Continue Reading →

Guide for Guys – How Girls Work When You Don’t Call

Recently, I met a guy who...I thought was great. We were introduced by a mutual friend. He was handsome and a Giants fan and made me laugh. We really hit it off, hung out a few times. We had a... Continue Reading →

103 – I think I have a fever…

....BIEBER FEVER! Aw dangit. I have joined the legions of crazy fans all over the world whose hearts are moved by promises of there being "one less lonely girl" because of that hair flip, that purple hoodie, those 12 year... Continue Reading →

71 – I think I’m Stage Four.

Last night was my "try to forget about things and let loose for a few hours" night. L, J and I had bought tickets to see "Rock of Ages" in the city, and researched a place for dinner, timed the... Continue Reading →

Countdown to VDay2 – I’ll be dancing with myse-elf oh oh ohoh!

Today's Agenda and Menu: Walk along the beach (settling for the pond at the park) at sunset, ipod playing love songs. (Check!) Bubble bath with wine. (Next on list) Learn three new love songs on guitar (Want To, Sugarland; Marry... Continue Reading →

Countdown to V-day.

Normally around this time of year, I settle down with a nice glass of wine, a fragile ego, and a large dose of sarcasm to write something somewhat bitter about being single for Valentines Day. Insert comments about the commercialism,... Continue Reading →

Nothing you can’t solve with a tomahawk

I love "Dr.  Quinn, Medicine Woman." As somewhat of a joke, somewhat seriously, my sister bought me the entire series of "Dr. Quinn," on DVD for Christmas a few years ago. I remember watching this when I was was... Continue Reading →

Anatomy of a Girls Night IN

I have had my share of Girls Nights Out. I have probably had a share for you, too. And your mom. Maybe because I overdosed on the good life in college (and after college. and in foreign countries. tee hee.)... Continue Reading →

ack look out its the annual “valentines day and im STILL SINGLE” note

this day comes and goes every year. and every year i write some brave little toaster that could blog about how I am unaffected by the Hallmark-endorsed charade of love that is February 14. Every year I boldly declare how... Continue Reading →

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