I have had my share of Girls Nights Out. I have probably had a share for you, too. And your mom. Maybe because I overdosed on the good life in college (and after college. and in foreign countries. tee hee.) my preference for the last three years or so has been toward a Girls Night In. Luckily, in my return to the land of my birth, known as the great state of the Bay Area, I have found a fantastic group of lovelies to have these nights with.

I feel like the traditional “Guys Night In” and “Guys Nights Out” have been well-represented by cinema. I know your secrets. You drink beer, you smoke cigars, you play poker. Or you leave your man caves to go drink beer, smoke cigars, fall in love with the pole-dancer with the heart of gold, or accidentally kill her, or lose your best friend on a rooftop somewhere, and then make a movie that lasts 90 minutes about it. But there are no films I can think of that truly capture the magic of the Girls Night In. I’m sure all you boys would love to think that we wear Victoria’s Secret underwear and have pillow fights and talk about which one of you is the hunkiest of them all! And sure some of that still happens. But our GNI have become slightly more sophisticated since junior high.

I’m not going to give away our secrets, ladies, don’t you worry. I’ll just say some of my favorite ingredients of these nights…

  • sweatpants. there is nothing like getting dressed up and going out with your girls, but there is nothing like wearing your exboyfriends sweatpants and slippers and lounging with your girls
  • wine or special cocktail, whose calories don’t count, because its girls night in. heyoo!
  • appetizers! mmmm cheese. bagel bites! guac and chips. GNI = no calories!
  • gossip. mmm delicious and always calorie-free.
  • themed movie. sometimes this group of girls and i like to travel down memory lane with a little Disney princess action, because deep down we all still want to play some dress up and sing Ariel’s solo. Tonight I think we’re actually going for 90210 season four dvds! classic!!!
  • a serious moment. someone is getting married, or going through a breakup, or needs a job, or someone has a little too much to drink, and shares a family secret, or a hard time they’re going through, or seeks reassurance that that guy was a toolbox and she’s beautiful and smart and funny and WAY too good for him. there may be some tears. there will definitely be hugs.


hahaha aw poor kate gosselin.

anyway im off to my good times. its been a long first week back at school, I was just getting used to going to bed early and getting up early again…here’s to toasting and snacking and laughing that down the drain tonight.