I love “Dr.  Quinn, Medicine Woman.” As somewhat of a joke, somewhat seriously, my sister bought me the entire series of “Dr. Quinn,” on DVD for Christmas a few years ago.

I remember watching this when I was younger…it was on in the early 90s. But I got really into it when I was going to the gym from 9-10am every day during sophomore and junior year of college…Dr. Quinn was on every day at that time and kept me on the ellyptical.

I think Joe Lando, aka Sully, was one of my first crushes. He is so rugged…sings in sweat lodges, rides horses bareback, and can throw a tomahawk at any kind of trouble and save the day in 43 minutes with no commercials. I love that he wears an insane amount of fringe and those suede lace up pants he sports in every episode? Perfect fit.

But I love the show for more than the mountain man eye candy. I love the old school dresses the women wear, and I also love all the historical tidbits I  pick up as I watch it. How Dr. Mike is called a “womanfolk” and the show does an awesome job of touching on race issues, slavery, suffrage, the treatments of Indians, religion, all the crazy westward expansion changes that happened in the 1800s. I learn stuff. Especially about how I would have never hacked it out as a pioneer lady.

I’ve finally gotten my roommate hooked on the show…We have six seasons of material, but I selected the episodes most focused on the relationship line of Michaela and Sully, because its uber addicting to witness the progression of complete opposites attracting.

Its also amazing to watch television with no swearing, no real violence, no sex, no nudity, nothing flashy, and be totally into it. Everything is so innocent and pure. A holding of hands becomes the sweetest, most romantic guesture, I get goosebumps. The words they say to each other are more important. We marvel and ooh and ahh over the petticoats and hats, parasols, the Indian raids, the Colorado Rockies, the seriousness of “the influenza,” and wonder how they went to the bathroom. I pay more attention to the whole show. We watch episode after episode waiting for their first kiss. And when it happened, my tummy went all warm. :)

Tonight we watched the wedding episode. So. Awesome. “I’ll be your family” “I’ll be your best friend.” It made me really want to be with someone but instead I just dug my toes deeper under Jill’s leg on the couch and giggled and talked about how hot Sully is. I generally don’t watch any tv unless it is on a dvd without commercials. The fact that this show came out at least ten years ago and is based on things that sorta happened like 150 years ago is perfect for me.

Viva la wild wild west. Viva girls nights in with sweet old shows that now only appear on the country Christian tv channels in the upper 300s. Viva posts that are practically useless. :)