there has been this phenomenon lately on Facebook…”click on this link to discover who has been looking at your profile!” “I’ve had 4,534058 hits on my profile today, 53% from boys, 65% from girls!” (I am not a mathematician, btw.) All you have to do is add this app, give you social security number, pay a small monthly fee, and find out who has been looking at your profile! omg!

I am cynical about all things Facebook that are apps, bells and whistles. Remember when there was just AIM? And away messages? What happened to those good old days? I will save that for another day. But I really don’t like all this Farmville, roller coaster city, special icons, questions, new formats all the time, blah.

This new “see who looks at your prof” thing is a. creepy b. frightening.

There are some people whose profiles I look at that…might surprise them. People from high school that every once in a while I’m like “I wonder what happened to….” or ex boyfriend’s exgirlfriends. Or people who I have to look at every little bit of their profile because I can’t remember who they are, OR their narcissism is so fascinating I can’t turn away.

Sometimes I end up on someone’s profile, knee-deep in pictures of their family reunion, and can’t even begin to remember how I started looking at pictures of their aunt’s pug’s birthday.

facebook has forever changed how we don’t interact with people. will we even be able to communicate in real life twenty years from now, without documenting the moment via status updates, mobile uploads, and “likes?”