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76 – Lent, St. Paddy’s, Chocolate, Vball, bloobidyblah!

This started as a New Year's Resolution....more like a dare, to write a blog or a something every day. Let me tell you....76 written entries of my thoughts/thoughtlessness is a LOT of time, creative energy, etc. I'm a bit running out... Continue Reading →

75 – heart of hearts

One week ago today I found out Carly was gone. I was on the phone with my mom, reading an article someone had sent me about the search for her. At 9:29pm, it refreshed and said that her body had... Continue Reading →

66 – Monday Round Up

Favorite moment of the day - finding a trader joes chocolate on my desk from a student. she never said anything, i didn't notice her putting it there, and when i dismissed them to lunch and sank back in my... Continue Reading →

62 – Coaching Diaries: Pushing past the tough loss

The ball dropped for the final point, and it wasn't the major leagues of any sport, it wasn't the final game of the season, it's just junior high girls volleyball, but oh it hurt to lose this one. And when one... Continue Reading →

59 – Monday Round-up!!

Favorite moment of the day - driving home one of my players, and she blasted "Party in the USA" as we drove through traffic down Treat Blvd., screaming and waving out the window at everyone we saw. Specifically yelling "PEACE!... Continue Reading →

Top 10 – Reasons why I love Coaching

This is my first year coaching, and I've taken the girls vball team under my wings. And I love it. Lovelovelove it. Ten Reasons Why 10. I love teaching, but sometimes, I don't think I'm so great at teaching. I... Continue Reading →

What lies ahead…

A four-day weekend faces me. My first career win as a volleyball coach happened today. I just took a bubble bath and drank a deliciously cold Sierra Nevada. I have almost figured out how to use twitter and am anxiously... Continue Reading →

Vball! First game!

I am sitting on the couch, eating and drinking my feelings. They are good feelings, but rather hard to verbalize, and so I am using conversation hearts to help me. Lol, love u, and good 4 U. That about sums... Continue Reading →

45 – Vday.

Aside from a coworker cornering me in the copy room and asking, "so, being single, how are you handling Valentine's Day?" I had a most rocking day. As a junior high teacher, watching young romances think they are blooming is... Continue Reading →

The lost art of renting a movie

When we were very little, my sisters and I walked to the movie store with my mom. It was just down the street from our house. As we were leaving out the door, a man flashed us. I didn't see... Continue Reading →

What would you put it in a time capsule of you??

My Giants favorite childhood book I can still read over and over, "The Ramsey Scallop," my ipod, my favorite pair of photo albums of Europe and Central America. My Bible. My cowboy boots. A box of my... Continue Reading →

35/365.25 – We’ve got spirit, yes we do, and a side of phlegm for you!

Five days of Spirit Week, 120 screaming junior higher, 30 girls at vball tryouts, 11 making the team, a dozen rounds of Theraflu, and seventy billion cups of tea and cough drops later, my battle with influenza or malaria or... Continue Reading →

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