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the wild, wild. brunch. a song.

If I told you that most of the last month’s highlights and moments in general have been dominated by water buffaloes, would you believe me? You would have to, because it is the gospel truth, my friends. Since my last... Continue Reading →

RintheBay: So long, sweet summer

Thirty days in the States and the following has come to my attention: It’s super weird to wear shoes inside the house. Ranch is the best flavor. It’s nice to feel like a normal-sized person. It’s nice to wave and... Continue Reading →

therapy: hit and run/walk/get outside

I move to Hong Kong in two weeks, so it is entirely reasonable that people are starting to ask me if I'm ready. The short answer is "no." The long answer is "NoooooOOOOOooooOOOOOOOOooooo." There are about a million things to... Continue Reading →

Tip o’ the Hat to You, Nature

I have been to many places in this world that I felt were superior natural sites, but this weekend was really something. Like, jaw-dropping, "oh my gosh. pull over. pull over I need to just look at that forever," everything... Continue Reading →

GringaDiaries: You betta Belize it

We got off the sailboat yesterday afternoon, but my world is still rocking. I try to look out on the horizon and find a focus but it feels like the whole world is moving. We spent three incredible days sailing through... Continue Reading →

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